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niche main melissa javan notebook

niche main melissa javan notebook

Welcome to Mel’s Postbox!

As a professional writer (and journalist) I’d like to share lessons I’ve learned on my journey. For me, one of the most important things is the start: what would you tell your best friend or your grandmother first about the story you want to share? What do you think will grab their attention? That’s normally how I start writing a story – by identifying what is possibly the most important part.

On this page, I share with you lessons I’ve learned in journalism, and also through blogging. I also shed light on my fears as an author.

Here’s more on how to start writing (or blogging) for yourself or your business:

writing blogging tips

Here are blog posts on authors’ I’ve interviewed. They shared things they have learned on their journeys:

From my own experience as a blogger, here are blog posts on lessons I’ve learned:

You can also find a glimpse into my life by reading my goals and how far I’ve come thus far:

Lynn D Nel author journey

Lastly, I’d like to tell you that writing is not easy – even for a professional writer. Here are blog posts about my fears and getting over “writer’s block”:

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