How to get comments on your blog

How to get comments on your blog

I’ve been asked how is it that I get so many comments on my blog. In the same light, I also recently read a blog post by someone who said that bloggers don’t support each other. I feel like these two subjects actually tie in together and I want to discuss this on my blog today.

I get a lot of comments on my blog because I read and comment on a lot of blogs. Also, I try to interact with bloggers on a daily basis via social media.

I met a really cool friend, Karin Londt who later became my blog accountability partner for a few months last year. This was after I send her message about how I liked her blog posts.
She’s now the Editor of, an online magazine for women of coloured heritage. She still inspires me so much on a daily basis.

Anyway, besides her, I met different groups of women through reading and commenting on blog posts. One of these groups I went on an eight weeks detox on. You can read more about the detox on Marishka’s blog, here. I’ve also started hiking with fitness blogger, Samantha Dube and I sometimes try my luck with home exercises – as Samantha advised.

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The thing is, it’s time-consuming (to read and comment on blogs), but it’s necessary. I would take an hour or two per day to do this action – I did this since last year.

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While doing this, I found blogs I enjoyed and people (other bloggers) found me.

There are some people who’re work I always look out for. Besides this, I identify with certain experiences of mommy bloggers. You see, I don’t have family living close to me – my families live in different provinces. This includes my parents.

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming. A simple thing such as trying to get your child to sleep early – getting into a routine, can kind of break you as a parent. You ask things like, is this normal? Venean recently asked if it’s normally that her toddler started hitting her. I was like, “oh yeah, mine did that too.”

Through reading blog posts of others, I found I’m not alone even if our stories differ.

In the meantime, I’ve connected with a few mommies online who I now have on a WhatsApp group. These are people whose blogs I read and I used to feel like they were celebrities – unreachable.

Weirdly enough, I’m now tighter as tight (in my mind, lol) with these women. And this is just because of a simple gesture called commenting on their blogs.

You never quite know where an interaction might lead.

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Some of you might know that I’ve been retrenched recently. And you know what, since my community has grown through blogging, I’ve had interview opportunities (organised by blogger buddies) and I was coached to prep for my interviews.

Gosh, I even had a blogger friend buy me a ticket to the annual #JoziMeetup because she knows of my retrenchment and she wanted to give me this gift. Sweet hey! And it was unexpected.

Through blogging, I also learned the value of life coaching – which is a story I will keep for another day.

Firstly, you can join the #LekkerLinky link-up. The #LekkerLinky is run by Charlene, Carly and Jeanette. Basically, you read the bi-weekly link-up blog post, you add your story (any one) and you read others’ posts, plus sharing the posts relevant to you.

Secondly, you can also speak to fellow bloggers about joining Facebook groups that are for bloggers only. In these groups on a daily basis, bloggers post their articles under a daily thread.

Thirdly, if you come across a blogger on social media (just search #samomblogger or #southafricanblogger for example), hit reply and say something to them. Preferably say something relevant to their status or post. Bloggers like feedback. And remember, we’re human.

Moral of the story is that do unto others as you want to be done unto yourself (hope I got this quote right).

Side Note: not everyone is nice or will fit you, but I’m sure eventually you will find your tribe. Good luck!

How has your experience with other bloggers been? Please share in the comments below.


  1. Nice! Lotsa great tips! And I’m so sorry to hear about your retrenchment. I have been there and trust me it may not make sense in the moment, but looking back, you’ll see that it was all a part of the journey!

  2. I love this and it is soooo true! This is exactly how we met and I do all the above because I loved how much you supported and took real interest in bloggers. It has served me very well! Thanks for linking me <3

  3. I appreciate the way you comment Melissa. And the support. I hope you find a wonderful job soon!

  4. Yes – everyone is busy. If you want others to use their time to read and comment – that’s what you need to do.
    I’ll be working thru my backlog at Feedly …

  5. Ja you’re right Diana. Everyone is busy. We do what we can πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by.

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