About Me


Hello, goeie dag, molo, dumelang, awé, Asalamu Alaikum, sawubona, Shalom

I’m Melissa Javan, the author of Mel’s Postbox.

I started this blog in 2016 when I was a mom to a newborn baby – I needed an outlet, a hobby, something to make me feel like me again (because motherhood is overwhelming).

In 2017 I started learning more about blogging and content marketing and found out that I like things like Twitter chats. I wanted to study digital marketing since 2017 but it was too expensive for me at the time. Currently I’m doing a free course on the fundamentals of digital marketing on Google Digital Skills for Africa.

This blog is about:
– learning about how to improve your personal finance and how to save money.
– learning that you’re not alone; I’ve even had people share Money Mistakes they made, on here.
– setting goals, freelancing, being a working mom, and and and.

I also have categories on mentorship and blogging tips. Oh and once in a while I write in my mother tongue, Afrikaans.

Thank you for visiting!

You can chat with me on:
Email – melissajavan1@gmail.com
Twitter – @melissa_nel
Instagram – @melissajavan

Take care!