Reviewing my goals for 2017

Reviewing my goals for 2017

It’s mid-year so I am reviewing my goals for 2017. It is the first time I chose a word to describe how I want my year to look like. My word is EXPLORE.

My goals for 2017 were to:
Read five books for 2017
Study something for free online
Improve my cooking skills
Visit more restaurants
Find a network of bookworms
Start writing my book

Read five books for 2017
I have finished three books – one of which is an unpublished book by my cousin, Lynn. She is trying to get her book (about her life) published, whether traditionally or self-published. We’re working on it. You can read more about her writing process, here.

The books that I started reading and which are on my shelf include Kasi Nerd by Tebogo Ditshego, The Climb: AfriCan’t to AfriCan by KK Diaz, and The Disruptors: Social Entrepreneurs Reinventing Business and Society by Kerryn Krige and Gus Silber.

So far I have finished reading:
Hy Kom Met die Skoenlappers by Valda Jansen
Business Tips. To My Daughter by Ndzavi Derrick

I am still reading…
Kasi Nerd by Tebogo Ditshego
The Climb: AfriCan’t to AfriCan by KK Diaz
The Disruptors: Social Entrepreneurs Reinventing Business and Society by Kerryn Krige and Gus Silber

quit nelson mandela don't give up

Study something online
I’ve listened to a lot of free webinars (online) on content marketing and “Make it your worth”. I also found there are free workshops available at places like the Standard Bank Incubator in Rosebank for entrepreneurs.

I also spend an hour on Tuesdays between 20:30 and 21:30 in the #WeTalkBiz chat. It’s an informative Twitter chat where entrepreneurs get together and talk about things like personal branding and running a business.

Improve my cooking skills
I actually meant to say baking skills, because I am a good cook when it comes to creating something on the stove. I love good food and would rather choose a home cooked meal over anything else. I grew up with my mom being such a wonderful cook and her reminding me that one eats with your eyes first.
Baking and making desserts (even for a Sunday) is not my thing. Not even the instant muffin mix – I bought it and eventually after weeks in the cupboard, Husband took the initiative to make and bake the mix. Lord forgive please me.
Last weekend though I had a brilliant idea: I cooked some pears in a pot and asked Husband to go buy custard and VIOLA! Dessert served.

Visit more restaurants
I have not explored new restaurants yet but I went to work in a coffee shop one Saturday morning. It was an expensive coffee and muffin, but I enjoyed the “me-time”. Princess was home with Husband.
I prefer doing a “me-time” in a workshop while I learn something new and meet people. For example, the Girl Code ZA workshop I attended several weeks ago was fun.

Find a network of bookworms
On Twitter there’s the online book club @ReadABookSA. Participants share an image of the books they are currently reading or give a review.
My cousin Lynn also told me about a Facebook group for authors but I have not really checked it out yet.
On Thursday 6 July 2017 I hosted a Twitter chat called #StoryStation where I interviewed a business mentor on his e-book Business Tips. To My Daughter. It was a great experience – I would like to interview more authors like that.

Start writing my book
I have not started yet. Ai. I am making time to write blog posts so surely I can write a book. The thought of finishing a 40,000 words story sounds intimidating (it’s the length for a fiction novel.)

So far so good I would say 🙂

What resolutions or goals did you have for 2017? Also, tell me about what the read (book or blog) you found interesting. Please share in the comments.


  1. wow, doing really well! I need to join that twitter chat – please tag me in next time so I can remember.
    Also, check out The Secret Book Club on Facebook – really nice network of book worms.

  2. Well done! I need to sit down and look at the accomplishments of the year so far too. Always helps to see it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Read 5 books- I like that! What books to you like to read? Now that I have a child, I find it harder to read- but I have to find some time for me too!

  4. I find it hard to read with my child around. I make time during my lunch break at work or a few minutes after baby goes to sleep at night. We co-sleep …

  5. You have some exciting goals for this year and it sounds like you have accomplished much already. I wish you big luck and a wonderful outcome with your writing. Maybe I can even pick up a copy of your book before you are a world famous author!

  6. 40K words would be 80 blog posts for me. Just the number of words I could do, have done – but to make it hang together as a book with a plot and characters – no.

    Five books I would read in maybe 10 days. Before the laptop I would often read a book in an evening.

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