Authors share their journeys: “This book took so much emotion out of me!”

Authors share their journeys: “This book took so much emotion out of me!”

“Write when you have a lot emotion in you. It can be good or bad emotions,” my cousin Lynn D. Nel advised me when I told her my idea for a novel. Lynn recently finished her book and is busy doing research on self-publishing.

#WritersTip: Write when you have a lot emotion in you. It can be good or bad emotions. - Lynn D Nel

This year I want to complete my novel, but eisj, it’s so hard to start. I started writing, but paused… I realised that I don’t know some of my characters. And do I want these characters in my book?

For those of you who are aspiring authors (like myself), I made a list of three authors sharing their journeys. Listening to their stories, I found that I could identify with them in many ways. Yes, it’s okay to have fear; you just have to continue with your execution.

It’s like Maya Angelou says: “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” That story needs to get out!

There's no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. - Maya Angelou

Let’s hear what the three authors have to say about the lessons they learned during their writing process.

Maya Elious
Maya is a personal branding specialist who helps online entrepreneurs to become successful in their businesses. She is currently on her journey to write a book. In the video below, she talks about a workshop she attended.

Maya says this writing workshop made her ask herself the following questions: “What is the overall purpose (of this book)? Also, what do I want it to do for my business?

“Thirdly, what does the end of this look like – where is the book going to end?”

Watch Maya Elious talk about her journey, here:

Lynn D Nel
The first thing Lynn told me when I said I’m planning a book, is: “Just start. The story is already in you.” Woah! That is so prophetic!

It took her about 10 months to finish her book, she says. “That book at times took so much emotion out of me; I did not write for weeks on end!

“Plus, my work required my full attention. It (her full time job) keeps a roof over my head and my child in school after all,” she explained. Her son is in matric this year.

Lynn D Nel author journey

Lynn said she wrote her biography to get healing. “Overnight that book has changed me a lot. I have never been as bold as I find myself to be now.”

She hopes that those who have gone through abuse will find motivation in her story. Lynn also aims to reunite her family through this book.

I came across BronzeGoddess01’s YouTube channel while I was doing research on authors and their journeys. This young lady gives mainly women relationship advice on her channel.

She self-published her book “The Dating Game. How to Find Yourself while You are Looking for Mr. Right.”

She says that publishing this book is a huge accomplishment for her. “I knew I was a charismatic speaker, but I wasn’t sure I had what it took to write my thoughts down… There has always been a fear that I couldn’t write this book.”

Her tips for aspiring writers include:

#1. Use every free available resource, app or website you can get. For example, Skrawl is an online platform to submit bits of information of your book. You can submit the first chapter of your book read and get feedback on it.

#2. Just start writing; start with the title and your name. It’s also good to write a sub-title for your book – this gives your reader insight to what the book might be about.

#3. Don’t force it; be inspired. “People write books for different reasons,” she added.

For more gems from BronzeGoddess01, watch the video below:

Which of the ladies’ advice do you find motivating? If you are writing a book or are an author, share some of your thoughts below please. Thank you for reading!

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