Being a parent gives me ideas for blogging

Being a parent gives me ideas for blogging

I know a lot of bloggers can relate to this: I get stuck often, not knowing what I should write on my blog.

Ja I know, I’m a mom, so I can publish my mommyhood diaries, but I don’t want to do this much. I’ve decided to make my blog focused on teaching what I know as a storyteller and writer. I also enjoy entrepreneurs’ stories, so I interview small business owners and write their stories, sharing it here.

Like, blogger Cherralle from the My Daily Cake blog mostly writes about career advice and give tips to working mothers. I enjoyed her recent posts “How to say no at work (and win respect while doing it” and “The number one career goal you need for 2018“.

So how does being a parent give me inspiration?

Let’s start from the beginning…

musicians wife Princess
It’s not only adults who like to work – here Princess tries her hand at it.

I started my blogging in July 2016, because I needed an outlet to be me. I was a new mom and everyone around me just identified me as that. At work, people would ask me “how’s the baby” and not “how are you”. At my child’s creche (nursery school), the teachers would address my baby by her name and I would be “mommy” like all the other mothers.



I started blogging, firstly about motherhood only and then I changed direction to mostly writing and publishing about my career life and my experiences as a professional writer.

my daughter melissajavan

So, the more I would do this blogging thing and the more I started thinking about the impact I would make as a mother, the more I started thinking: if my child were to read my website’s blog someday, what would she get out of it?

I started thinking about my life in general and lessons I had learned over the years.

One of the ideas I got from all this thinking was to write about the mistakes I had made and the lessons I’ve learned in the process. The “Money mistakes I made” blog series is a result of all this thinking.

And yes, I do hope to inspire and give hope to others reading my blog posts; so it’s not just for my child.


She is the main reason (and inspiration) to why I am writing most of these blog posts.

That’s all from me folks! Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments’ section who or what gives you inspiration.


  1. Hi Melissa thank you for the mention. I would love to read your educational topics about writing as I am loving learning to write (as you are writer /journalist by profession). Your daughter is a cutie

  2. This is me too! I get all my inspiration from my parenting journey for life lessons in general they have so much to teach us and so much we can learn from them. Including just being better people! xx

  3. It’s interesting to look back at where we started something and how that changes over time. Life and circumstances change, so it’s good to keep it fresh and in sync, it’s an affirmation that your’e continuously seeking to improve, which I think is great.

    My child is my inspiration as well, I started my blog after he was born and I often wonder what he would think of my posts one day when he is old enough to read and understand it.
    My readers are also my inspiration, every now and then I get a comment that reminds me of why I should keep on blogging and inspiring and I do just that…
    Bloggers like yourself, who I have met in the blogging world, also inspire me, as I learn so much from you all and get to meet interesting people online
    Through all of that, I am glad I have a husband who supports my passion, I would not be able to do this without him.

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