The #1 reason why it’s good not to give up

The #1 reason why it’s good not to give up

Don’t just quit, because you might regret it some day.

I was working full-time and doing my bachelors degree studies part-time in 2011. I felt like that was the toughest year of my life.

I was a journalist at a local community newspaper in Bonteheuwel on the Cape Flats at the time. I didn’t have transport, so I made use of the Metrorail train or taxi’s to get to people. Some days I would even walk to a destination (for a story).

I remember walking in Bishop Lavis, trying to look like I belonged there (as one of the residents), yet I was scared. The amazing thing is, I never got robbed or hurt by anyone in that area.

The one time I did get robbed, I was a bit reckless. I was walking with my cell phone and chatting when this happened in Bonteheuwel on the way to work. I suddenly realised that two men were walking together, they parted, and the one walking too close in front of me.

Luckily they only wanted my phone. I gave it.

I was scared as hell after that day.

The police told me I couldn’t make a case, because I had no information to give them. I didn’t have a clue what the men looked like – I didn’t even know what clothes they wore.

I felt embarrassed but also angry.

I’m glad though that I didn’t have a picture of those two men in my mind. It would’ve haunted me.

'I'm glad though that I didn't have a picture of those two men in my mind.'

Anyway, on Tuesday and Thursday nights after work, I had classes.

I really started hating all that travelling, the waiting for the delayed trains, and the walking, and going to class.

tough life give up quit

The great thing about doing night class is that I got a friend who gave me a place to stay on campus. I felt like I owed her my life. She made me realise that there’s actually good people in this world.

She made me realise that there's actually good people in this world. #friendship #sisterhood #life

Eventually half-way through the year, I wanted to give up on my studies. I had already graduated and have my diploma in journalism.

But, I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing. I started hating the situation. For real. I hated that I was a student while working full-time.

One night though, I spoke to a former classmate of mine. We did our diploma course together. He had done his degree the year before I had done mine.

His advice: “Just don’t give up. Even if you do badly in this course, at least you passed and have the degree to show. If you give up now, you might regret it in future.”

'Just don't give up. Even if you do badly... If you give up now, you might regret it in future.'

I knew he was right. So I stick it through.

quit nelson mandela don't give up

On the night of graduation (getting my papers for the bachelors degree in journalism), I felt so proud, not just of myself but my classmates. Seeing the ones who got Cum Laude, I thought “damn why didn’t I work harder”.

One woman in particular that made me proud was a working mother who got Cum Laude. Wow.

I also thought back of the times we sat together and worked on our final thesis. Each had her own topic, but we still brainstormed together.

I’m glad I didn’t quit just so that I could see all of this.

That year was just temporary. And it wasn’t the toughest year after all.

Have you ever been in similar situations like above?


  1. I’m going through this at the moment. Working part time, full time homeschooling a 10 year old, getting a business off the ground and doing a double Masters in BA and Education in Dubai. It’s been a tough two years, but blogging helps me through. I’ve that having a creative outlet helps me keep perspective.
    Thanks for your words. Sometimes I need a reminder that I have to just not quit.

  2. Nicely said and well done on not giving up – I agree completely, it is the best thing looking back and realising you pushed through and achieved.

  3. Thank you Alet and Karin. I appreciate your words. Karin, all the best. I’m sure you’re rocking the juggling. I’m happy you have this blogging thing going on, keeping you positive.

  4. This is so incredibly inspiring in more ways than you’ll ever know. x

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