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The night I threw food on a customer

The one thing I learned while being a waiter is that people are forgiving.

I remember one night the steakhouse I worked for, was really busy. It was a Friday night and I was spinning!

During training (and throughout my waitressing career at this restaurant) I was told that you should always keep your customers informed. Talk to them; keep them in the loop.

If that does not work, have your manager talk to them.

customer service food

Anyway, this one table I served had two men. Their table was the furtherest in the restaurant – a long walk from the kitchen. I kept them in the loop that their food is taking a bit long, because it’s a busy night, blah blah blah.

Eventually the food came and I rushed to get it to them. As I rushed, the plate fell out of my hand when I passed the food to the one customer, half of the it unto the table. I FELT SO EMBARRASSED.

You would think that these people would walk out or at least scream at me. But they didn’t. They forgave me. I went back to the kitchen to get another plate for the guy.

Also, I asked the manager to make a round at that table.

I learned that – even when I’m a customer – if you as a waiter keep your customer in the loop, he or she will appreciate it. This person will forgive you for the delay.

Well, most people will forgive you. Obviously, there are the odd difficult person(s) who’s mission in life is to be difficult.

Most people just want to feel that you have not forgotten them. They’re there for the experience – so make it worthwhile.

I think many waiters don’t know or have forgotten this. Even if you’re in a different industry and position; keep your customer in the loop.

They’re not just there for the food. And even if they are just there for the food; if you treat them as you would like to be treated, they’ll remember you and come back for the service.

Or they’ll forgive you when you mess up.

What are your thoughts on this?

7 thoughts on “The night I threw food on a customer

  1. If I wanted food, I’d eat at home. I go out fronthe ambience, the hospitality and a change of scene.
    I waitressed for a while too, ( Hooters Durbanville) and won newfound respect for those in the service industry. Now I compliment the service when I tip. I find that the next time I go the service is even better!

  2. I like that “if I wanted to food, I’d eat at home”. Yes, a tip is an encouragement. It’s just that in some cases you get such bad service then you don’t want to tip.

  3. True. But then I’d say something. They’d know why they weren’t getting a great tip. Hubby’s terrible, he’d not tip and tell them why! I always run back ( on the pretext of needing the loo) to quietly give something. I know the feeling of having a bad night and making nothing, so I always tip.

  4. My hubby tips the petrol attendants, people who ask for money at the robots, etc etc

  5. We’re all human, have all been there at one time or another. It doesn’t hurt to help others every now and again. Sets a good example to the kids too!

  6. The patience of those two customers is admirable. I am not sure I would have stayed because I get so impatient at times. Being in the service industry requires a certain personality and if you don’t have it, you won’t last long. Funny my first job ever was that of a waitress. Two days later I was fired lol.

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