Five Tips to Cleaning and Caring for Your Floors

Five Tips to Cleaning and Caring for Your Floors

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I’m unsure about a lot of things, like what to pack in for my four-year-old’s lunch box.

She guides me though – I’d hear “mommy can I have a carrot as a snack for school?” And then two days later “why did you pack a carrot again?”

I’ve also heard “I want a jam sandwich because X always brings a strawberry jam sandwich to school…”

And when something happens like my child getting sick – “should I take her to the doctor yet?” – I ask my mom or one of my female friends.

You’re probably noticing I like getting help in to make decisions…

As a working mom and breadwinner, I need to make a lot of decisions, and I’m glad the one thing I don’t even have to decide on is what to buy when it comes to cleaning products.

I grew up with Handy Andy being part of our household (thanks mom), so it is a no brainer that it’s the brand I trust.


Ammarah Chand, brand manager at Handy Andy, is sharing some floor cleaning tips with us today.

cleaning of floors

Different homes have different types of flooring which might leave you, as a homeowner, asking yourself how you should maintain your floors and keep them looking new, says Ammarah.

“While the task of cleaning your floors may seem like the simplest one on your list, it is important to remember that different floors have their own set of cleaning needs that will help keep your floors looking sparkling clean.

“The best floor care comes from knowing the most effective way to clean and sanitize the kind of flooring you have which is why we have put together five tips that will help you start loving your floors again and most importantly – with only a few products.”

1. Get to know your floors

Find out what type of floor you are cleaning. How you clean laminate or vinyl flooring will differ to how you clean hardwood floors and tiles; knowing the floors you are dealing with helps make the decision of buying the right product even easier.

2. Less is more

We understand how daunting it can be to find a product that is just right for your floors, which may lead to you buying more products than you actually need. “Try to avoid using multiple products and stick to trusted cleaning products that can remove dirt, add shine and are suitable for multiple surfaces. I recommend using a floor cleaner that has germ killing properties such as the new Handy Andy Floor and All-purpose Cleaner which has the power of Domestos. This product has multiple benefits including removing tough dirt and grease, streak free shine, it kills germs, it’s suitable for multiple surfaces and leaves surfaces smelling fresh,” adds Ammarah.

3. Choosing the right product for the right floor

When shopping for cleaning equipment and supplies, always check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that you are choosing the right product for your type of flooring. This is where usage instructions come in handy.

4. Take care of them

Try to incorporate simple practices which will help you take care and protect your floors such as not pushing or dragging your furniture. Make use of an area rug, furniture pads or furniture wheels.

And finally,

5. Prep your floors well

“Always remove any form of dirt or dust from your floors prior to cleaning them with a solution. Use a soft bristle broom to sweep any dirt from the surfaces well,” concludes Ammarah.

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