Life Update – September

Life Update – September

Hello everybody,

Firstly, let’s start with…

I had my first blog post published this month on Parenty by The Citizen. It was a blog post on how to save money for the holidays and after-holidays (you know with Januworry coming up). I share some tips that has been useful to me, it helped me to not be broke during January (after the holidays). You can read about it here.

Another achievement is my healthy eating habits. I try to eat vegetables with almost every dinner. One night when my husband came home with a greasy, oily take away (it tasted so good), I felt so bad afterwards, I had a lot of heartburn. It made me realise how much our lifestyle has changed.

We no longer do fried chips, plus we hardly fry other food. Once in a while we have a fried homemade burger but then that goes with a salad and/or steamed vegetables. I do admit that I still do McD’s sometimes for lunch when I’m at work – but we never do this at home.

PS. Did I mention that my toddler loves most of the vegetables we love, like broccoli? Yup she does.

Eating healthy is one of my goals for this year.

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I’m also grateful for:
– My job – in September I was employed for a whole year since I was retrenched and unemployed for several months last year.

My car is paid off in June (I bought it in 2013, so it was about time).

– That manifestation works – I swear every time when I think “I need to make more money,” someone reaches out to me to offer me a job as a freelancer.

I have a lot of other things to be grateful for, but more about that in another blog post…

These days I’m finding it hard to write for my blog.

1. I am a professional Writer by day, so I do research and writing almost every day.

2. I feel a bit stressed with stuff that’s been going on, like new tasks I have to tackle at work, also I’m looking for a new place to live in, looking at schools that my kid could go to in the future, saving money for this and that, the list goes on.

I have considered to give up blogging for a while, but then again, I might miss it if I close the blog. I love blogging and it has its benefits.

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My main concern these days is to earn more money so that I can afford things. I don’t even have medical aid yet, plus I don’t have a pension fund yet.


Life goes on while you’re worried about other things. And there’s always something to worry about, right?

That’s it from my side.

How are you doing? What are you grateful for? Are you perhaps worried about something? Please share in the comments below.


  1. The list goes on…. that seems to sum up life… but we can’t let it get to us… there always seems to be stuff to worry about but we have to focus on what we are grateful for. I think there are different seasons in life and I’m grateful for this season of restoring me and my work life, and I have to trust it will all come together somehow! And I’m grateful for you!

  2. You’re right “we can’t let it get to us”. I’m grateful for you too. Thank you. I feel like I need to be reminded constantly about practicing gratitude.

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