I’ve Cut Down Sugar to Lose Weight – Here’s What Happened

I’ve Cut Down Sugar to Lose Weight – Here’s What Happened

I’ve cut down on sugar and grain. It’s a big deal because I love sugar in my coffee (I drink two teaspoons) and bread – specifically toast – is my favourite thing in the world.

Initially I started to cut down on sugar because I want to lose tummy weight and I must say, whenever I cut down on sugar and bread, I don’t feel bloated. It’s like I suddenly feel lighter.

Guys, I’ve been a mom for three years and lack is sleep is a norm. I’ve found where I’d be so tired that I cannot think properly at work. But, ever since I’ve cut down on sugar, I’ve had energy for days. Even on days where I had a few hours of sleep, I would be yawning but not feel tired. And you know lack of sleep can make you feel so tired that you can feel “I just can’t no more”.

I used to have an energy drink on those days where I’d have little sleep but since the sugar diet, I don’t need an energy drink.

I’d only start to feel tired when I’ve introduced foods with sugar.

I started cutting down on processed foods and guys, I love the beans in tomato can. I miss having that, especially because it makes an easy meal to cook (I just add it to spaghetti, for example).
I’ve cut out cooldrinks and I cut down on drinking alcohol – if I do drink alcohol, it’s one day a week and in moderation.


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Believe it or not I haven’t had peas in ages, maybe years. Not that I don’t like it, I just got used to buying some veggies like potatoes and carrots. I was challenged to do a detox which entails mostly green vegetables and protein, furthermore no grain no sugar and no milk (including milk products). Eek! I accepted the challenge but kind of regret it. The good thing is, I’m looking to eat more green vegetables, I even bought baby marrows and lettuce. Challenge starts today, it’s for a whole week. Let’s see how it goes. #eatinghealthydontsuck #nomeat #eatinghealthy #LiveLifeWell #wellnesswarriors #WELLNESSWONDERWOMAN #healthyliving #vegetarianvibes #welovegreen #momsofinstagram #lunchideas #lunchbox #sablogger #mommyblogger #samomblogger #southafricanblogger #SouthAfrica #sundayvibes #sundaylunch

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My gosh, I have a lot of cravings and it’s mostly stuff I haven’t had in ages – like hot chocolate, tarts and salads,  like the ones made out of mayonnaise (the potato salad, yummm).

I also find myself feeling hungry but there’s no “need” to eat. Before whenever I feel hungry I’d have a snack like chips or crackers. Now I’m okay to wait until I can’t no more. I think the fact that I do an office job and sometimes my work gets mundane, so I feel the need to have a snack, to keep busy while being busy (with admin or doing research).

I don’t even know what day I started with this cutting down on sugar diet – which is an epic fail right. I just know I wanted to do this because I want to live healthier and lose a little tummy weight. I think I started end of January sometime, on-and-off. I took it one day at a time. When I was sick with a viral infection, I started going back to my old habits, because bread and sugar are comfort food, you know.

I didn’t check labels until recently. Seriously, I would buy healthy snacks just because it says it’s healthy. Then friends told me otherwise – check the labels, they advised me. Sugar-free snacks aren’t really sugar free, they told me. Rather have raisins and peanuts as snacks. But hey, I’m learning here, learning a lot.

I learned that it’s important to have accountability partners when you’re trying out something new – my colleague is one and I have virtual friends who’s also eating healthy and those who are on a sugar free challenge.

Be open to learn and keep an eye out to what others are eating – for meal ideas.

It is possible – this one time I hadn’t eaten lettuce for a few days and suddenly started craving it. Craving lettuce guys!

Lastly, the first few days of any diet or detox sucks, but after a few days it does get better.

Has anyone of you tried a new diet or maybe just adjusting your way of eating to live a healthier lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below.


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