It’s Tough But I’m Trying My Best To Become Debt-Free

It’s Tough But I’m Trying My Best To Become Debt-Free

I feel like February kicked me in the stomach, financially I mean. I should have expected it because I am working towards being debt-free by the end of this year.

January went so well because I did a lot of planning last year – I bought food stamps, I cancelled my vacation and I had bought a few perishables ahead of time. And you know when January came, there were suddenly a lot of expenses that arose, it was good that I’d planned ahead.

Then February came, I underestimated it. I didn’t plan and I had decided to pay more on my car – the vehicle finance. I want my car paid off this year.

One way of doing this is that I’ve increased the amount I’m paying – I’m paying a little more than my installment, via debit order.

Eisj but paying extra, I’m feeling it.

This month I had to use a R500 voucher I had won end of January – initially I thought I could use this to pamper myself, you know, buy a new book, that kind of vibe. Instead I had to use the money to buy groceries.

We probably only once had a take-away (food) this month, which is cool since we like our home cooked meals. It’s convenient to have a take-away once a week, because I feel like I need a break especially when I bring work home – I no longer do take-aways once a week.

I also started to do meal planning for my work lunches, it helps and I’ve avoided buying lunch the whole month.

Anyway, becoming debt-free is challenging, but this too shall pass. It’s only temporary.

Have you paid off your car or any of your big debts yet? How does that feel? Is there anyone else who has some financial goals this year? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. I am on the debt paying train too. Paying off so i can start saving towards a family holiday for us. I am currently doing photoshoots on the side to put in extra towards paying off accounts but then the son gets chosen to go on tour and bam! Back to square one. Not giving up on my goal though!

  2. Hi Mel
    You are doing all the right things. Number One you have a budget and a plan – most people don’t.
    It’s really encouraging to hear that it’s not easy, and how you adjust and make a plan to stick to your budget and plan. Life doesn’t happen in straight lines, there are always curves in the road, but you still need to get to your destination.
    Well Done!!!!
    Russell Dickerson – RD Debt Counselling

  3. Gosh, we’re so thank red of living this little fed of financial strain, that we are busy planning to be debt free, and wrapping our heads around it all. Eek, it’s quite the undertaking. But it’s only going to help us in the long big run! All the best! Megan xx

  4. It will help you in the long run, for me too. Then it’s more money on buying healthy food and to cater for those school expenses. Good luck to you too Megan.

  5. Hi Russell, thank you so much for the motivation – I needed to read it. You’re right, life comes with its curves.

  6. Valdene, don’t give up! Those unexpected expenses, darn, I know the feeling. Try to save money in a separate account for emergencies.

  7. I also want to be debt free by the end of this year, need to pay off my car end of the year, also pay of a loan I took out last by at least September. My biggest concern is that i don’t have a saving plan…I get emotional thinking of my financial mess…but I’m positive it’s a phase it will pass and I’ve learned from it.
    Glad that at at least the kids school fees are not affected by this because we pay it off when we get our bonuses.

  8. Wow Tsholofelo, that’s a lot. Write everything down, and try at least to pay more than the instalment on one bill until you pay that bill off. I can’t really advise you but in my experience I made financial goals and paid something on each bill, but more on a specific bill till it’s paid off first. It helps to get a side hustle/ extra income too. Strongs.

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