How to save money: lessons from my parents

How to save money: lessons from my parents

My parents taught me a little about saving money when I first started working – during grade 11.

My mom, for example, said I must open a 32-day account. It’s an account where you put in money and you have to give a 32-day notice to withdraw the money.

This was a big help. When I did my first road trip to Port Elizabeth, I saved money on this account. The 32-day account-thing didn’t last though.

My dad told me in matric to start saving with an insurance company.

Saving money lessons parents

He wanted me to make money with this too – you buy a plan and get five or more people to buy insurance plans, then they apply via you. You get commission for these people who you bring in.

I felt “nah, I’m not a salesperson, I’m not going to get people.”

I still took out a plan at the company – it was a savings plan. I think I started paying R150 per month. So the plan was: you save money and at ten years you claim the money you saved. If you die, your beneficiaries (my parents) get money.

It was a good deal for me.

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There were a few months after I graduated from university that I was unemployed, so I asked my dad to pay my insurance for this savings plan. He did, thank God.

Anyway, the plan of mine turned 10 years in 2015 and the company asked me if I wanted the money I saved or do I want to keep it as an investment.

I did the right thing – I took the money, hahaha! It was a little over R10, 000.

My husband and I had lived in two cities – him in Johannesburg and I lived in Port Elizabeth. So for the first year of our marriage, we lived apart.

When I got the letter about the possibility of my money getting paid out, I decided to take the leap and move to Johannesburg.

That money helped pay off some debt and also allowed me to move to Johannesburg. The End 🙂

Investing in a saving plan like that was one of the best money decisions I’ve made.

How do you save money? Do you have any investment suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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  1. The 32-day account sounds like a great idea. It would make sure I really want the item and it’s worth spending the money on it.

  2. I have never heard of a 32 day account but that sounds like a great idea! We have a savings account that we only use for emergencies or big purchases. It is nice to know you have something to fall back on!

  3. One of my biggest goals is to truly learn how to save money. Sounds like you’ve got it down! Great job!

  4. Noooo Kaitlyn, I don’t have it down, yet. I’m working on it 🙂 I’ll try to see what else is out there. Seppy, your automatic withdrawals sounds like a good plan.
    Thank you, everybody, for stopping by. Much love xoxo

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