Tools to use when you’re a beginner blogger

Tools to use when you’re a beginner blogger

Recently, I spoke to a blogger friend about the free tools I use to make my life a tad easier. She told me she’s a bit behind when I told her of the site you go to for free images. I realised that a year ago I too started off learning about these tools.

Exactly a year ago I started using to schedule old blog posts and social media updates.

Here’s what I do to make my life easier as a blogger:

1. Time (and planning ahead)
Seriously, this might sound like a no-brainer but it helps to set aside a day (or two) during the week to write and schedule blog posts for the week ahead. I know of people who write blog posts a month ahead. My blog became inconsistent whenever I didn’t set time aside to work on my blog.

On this site, you can download free images. Disclaimer: I advise investing time to take your own images to put on your site. It’s much more authentic and interesting for your reader.
There are other sites that offer free images, but I only know of

melissajavan tools blogger
This is one of the images I got off In the search engine I typed “pencil”.

This site is God’s gift to bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. You can create your own blog graphics or add your brand’s logo on this site. Normally I take out a cool quote out of a blog post, add it to an image on Canva and voila! When you are promoting your blog posts on social media, it’s much more appealing if you add an image or graphics or quote on a graphic to the post.

melissajavan blogger tools beginner
This is what the above image looked like after
niche beat journalist melissa javan
This is one of the graphics I created on

With this tool, I schedule old blog posts and also useful information I think my audience will like. Perhaps on Mondays, I’ll have a #MotivationMonday quote on graphic scheduled.

The next tool I want to learn is Pinterest (it’s actually a search engine). I know, I know, I’m behind and I’ve heard it’s pretty easy to understand. I want to use Pinterest to promote my blog posts – to get a larger audience.

Are you using any of the above tools? Please share in the comments what tools make your life easier. Thank you for reading!


  1. I love CANVA! i think if i am not mistaken you alerted me to that in one of your posts, that’s when I started using it. For me, i have dropped down to one blog posts a week on average which is not good. My goal is 2 a week but i have taken on a lot in my personal capacity and i needed to prioritise. Anyway, it is what it is. TIME TIME TIME, always the issue 🙂

  2. You should schedule a day or two to write a few posts. So if you want to publish two posts a week, try to write four posts and schedule it. Then you at least have a week off if you are two weeks ahead.

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