Girl Code ZA workshop gives lessons on scaling your business

Girl Code ZA workshop gives lessons on scaling your business

On Saturday (24 June 2017) I forced myself out of bed to attend a workshop. It’s the one day that I get to sleep late and last week I already had a lack of sleep – my toddler’s sleeping habits is not consistent.

Usually I pump myself up, because whenever I have to go to do something (for me) I tend to change my mind. Pumping myself up helps a lot. Plus, when I tried to RSVP for the Girl Code ZA workshop, it said SOLD OUT. I asked them on Twitter (a few days before) if I can still come. They replied that I can stiek uit (show up).

I got up at the time when the alarm clock went off. #SlowClap

A week or so prior I decided that I’m going to more events where I get to upskill and upgrade myself. I’m learning as much as I can on branding, digital marketing and anything relating to entrepreneurship.

When I saw the Girl Code ZA advert, the words that caught my attention was “scalable business”. Whoop whoop! Of course, the theme was: “Turn your mobile application into a scalable business.”
I know nothing about building a mobile app, yet I wanted to be at this thing.

When I arrived I met some female computer programmers. I was in awe to see these ladies’ faces light up as they were telling me about Apps and html languages. I found myself asking them for websites (URLs) where I can learn about these things for free.

It’s also good to meet people who you can later connect with and share talents. For example, I sat at the table of a web developer (someone who makes websites) and I am a writer (someone who can create content for websites).

We heard about Lebogang Madise’s journey.

Lebogang told us about the mistakes she made as an app developer, and also about the lessons she learned. We were also told on how to monetise your mobile app.

Marang Marekimane, an entrepreneur and the facilitator of the event, got us thinking about the business side of things. With her, we discussed what problems are in several industries and we talked about solutions for them. Think about how you can create value, she advised.

We also learned the following from Marang:

When we started discussing monetising your app or business project, she told us to think about the following: “How can the partnership (with an investor or advertiser) leverage from one another?”

She advised that when you write a business proposal that you should think about the value you can bring to the (possible investor or advertiser).

I enjoyed my Saturday – it was really worth it. Thank you Girl Code ZA and all the stakeholders involved. Now to implement what I have learned…

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Have you been to a workshop or what lessons have you learned informally recently? Please share in the comments below.


  1. Very interested in this! My husband is a developer and he has been teaching me. I love to write but have not figured out a way to leverage what I do into a business…

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