Learning to code is easy-peasy

Learning to code is easy-peasy

The headline is not fully correct. I mean, nowadays there are a lot of avenues to learn to code. You get websites where you can access introduction to computer programming languages for free.

Last Saturday at a GirlCodeZA workshop, one of my new friends told me about an app called SoloLearn that I can download on my cell phone; it has computer programming languages like Html and Javascript on it. I was like whaaaaaaat?! That’s really cool. I haven’t started with the app yet – it is on my phone now.

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So what’s wrong with the headline then, Melissa? Well, I’ve been going to the #GirlCodeWorkshop, which is free training on things like HTML and Javascript. I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed – these one-day workshops teach you that things take time.

You have to give yourself time to learn, with anything! I thought that a one-day workshop would make me some kind of guru in that particular computer programming language, but nooooooo.

I seriously need to practice and practice learning things, especially when it’s technical stuff. [I’ve also learned that there’s an easier way to learn, which is a programme called Scratch – it’s taught to children at school. I should probably start with that form of coding first.]

My counterparts seem to get the hang of the one-day workshops, quickly, within that day 1. Then I’ll just sit and watch them do it. I’m trying not to be hard on myself. I know my weaknesses, I accept it. Learning to code takes time for me.

Another thing I’ve learned in these workshops is that every person has something to teach and something to learn. Some of the ladies and I were talking about our different skills – mine being a Twitter ninja and good at writing. I shared with my friends that I also make use of tools like Hootsuite.com. And believe me, these ladies didn’t know about this. They didn’t even know about Canva.com. You can read more about these tools, here.

So I realised that I could teach them things and they teach me their things (and that’s how I found out about the free SoloLearn app). I guess that’s what these workshops are about too – learning from each other and connecting with each other.

Last thing, whenever you are challenged on a subject you’re learning, the best thing to do is to get a buddy (who’s a lot better on the subject) to help you. It really takes a village.

PS. I’ll share more about how I got into GirlCodeZA and about the organisation, tomorrow on the blog.

If you’ve ever done something out of your comfort zone, please share in the comments below. Thank you for reading.


  1. It’s a great idea. You can also keep an eye on GirlCodeZA’s social media pages. They sometimes have introduction workshops. But try the app first. Good luck.

  2. I actually picked up the basics of HTML when I was in middle school and high school and wanted to customize my blog and Myspace, hahaha! I still use it today.

  3. My kids are learning to code through Khan Academy, Hour of Code, and Scratch. The SoloLearn app is cool, too. There is another one called Encode that is also pretty good. I’m blown away by what they are able to do.

  4. Thank you Kat; I have to look into Encode. It’s a great new skill for kids – they can create their own games!

  5. Hi Robin and Rebecca, thank you for sharing your experiences. That’s so cool.

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