Working Mom: The Special Moments of My Child’s Life

Working Mom: The Special Moments of My Child’s Life

“They grow up so fast – so enjoy every moment.”
If I got a R1 for every time I hear this, I would have enough money to go on a luxurious holiday. Perhaps even have enough to gamble at a casino. Wait, I don’t gamble.

Anyway, one of the persons in my life who always say this, is my mother. I have heard how she would even scold strangers for not allowing their children to be playful, and just be children.


The other day I once again thought of how small my Princess was months ago. How we struggled to rub out those winds out of her.

I remember how I used to walk up and down, trying to sis her to sleep. Sometimes she would cry and cry, I would panic. Eventually her dad would get out his harmonica, play it and then she would go quiet.


I have told myself countless times that I should enjoy every moment (as the saying goes), because I don’t ever want to look back and have regrets.

I don’t want to have regrets about being a working mother. I enjoy working, because it’s where I can just be me, do my thing 100%. Whenever I am home with the Princess, my eyes has to be on her like a hawk’s. Well, I let my guard down when I give her to her dad to play.

Her dad told me the other day that one of his small victories this year is: he can successfully change a nappy.


I have heard women saying that being a working mother means that they often feel guilty, because they miss out on things. I really don’t mind that I won’t be the first person my daughter gives her first steps to. I know she is in good care.

For me, I am just happy that I have people that help my child develop in certain things. For instance, my daughter didn’t like laying on her stomache when she was very young. I was a bit worried about this, because she needed tummy time in order to learn how to crawl.

Eventually I found out that it’s a normal thing I was going through [I had read about this on a mommy blog or two]. I was happy when one of Princess’ teachers at her school told me how they are helping her with tummy time. They distracted her with toys. They also assisted her with things like sitting on her own, or standing against a wall, et cetera.


So I have come to terms that my child will probably do many of her firsts at her nursery school. I don’t feel guilty or sad about it. It takes a village to raise a child, right…

Rather I am happy that I get to see my child’s growth every day, embracing every moment. I know can’t be there all the time – so, I am making every moment count on my terms.

But yes, I still get nostalgic when I think back of how small she was. I will probably have more of these nostalgic moments the older Princess gets. #momlife

What moments do you feel nostalgic about?

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