How motherhood makes you become a super human

How motherhood makes you become a super human

I am doing it for my child [children].

I have heard many people say the above phrase. I think I am beginning to grasp it.

Ever since I became pregnant with my firstborn, I began thinking how am I going to better my life now that I am a mother. I have to live like the woman I want my daughter to be. In fact, I want her to live a better life than I am.

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Recently, Samantha Dube, a blogger friend shared her experience of her running a 10 kilometer race for the first time. She said it was interesting how runners are so friendly. I knew exactly what she meant, because my parents used to be runners [well, my dad still is].

They would hoot whenever we ran past runners even if these athletes were only exercising. This hooting was a form of support, said my parents. Later when I did my learner’s driver test, I heard you’re actually only supposed to hoot to prevent an accident…

Eisj, but then again a lot of people also hoot after a wedding – to cheer for the bridal couple.

I also remember that the Comrades race used to be held on South Africa’s national Youth Day [June 16]. On that day, my parents would wake up early to watch the start of the Comrades on television. Throughout the day they would be occupied with something and tune into the television once in a while to cheer for the runners.

The Comrades are nowadays held at the end of May.

Imagine my excitement when I interviewed legendary Comrades runner, Bruce Fordyce last year. I think my parents made me appreciate (and respect) the hard work athletes put in.

Thinking about habits of my parents, makes me wonder about my habits. What will my daughters take from me?


I have seen how women, especially single mothers work extra hard after they’ve given birth. It’s like you get a new lease on life.

There is something about enduring pain during and after birth, then still making effort to take care of your newborn baby and your household.

Your maternal instinct kicks in and you find yourself pushing through to do what you have to.

For instance, one of my friends Maryna Barnard, studied part time to be a lawyer after she got pregnant with her second child. She was a full time teacher of more than 20 years while being a student through correspondence.

Her answer to why she is studying: “I am doing this for my children.”


Before I became a mother, I never thought that I could do many things (as a mother).

I got through the different stages of my now nine month old baby’s life. Meaning, I went through the newborn baby phase – where she cried a lot and both of us didn’t understand each other.

I am going through her teething phase now. I also know there are more phases to come.

And while all of this is happening, I think about how I’m going to raise my daughter to be the Super Human that I want her to be.

While I am thinking about it, I am learning as I go along. I am finding me again.

Are you thinking about how to raise your child [children] while they are growing up? I’d like to hear your views. Thank you for reading!


  1. Yes, motherhood does make you super human! You grow a person and then when that tiny human arrives, you care for them while being in a state of extreme sleep deprivation and physical recovery. It is pretty dang amazing. I do things as a mom that I never imagined humanly possible, like living my daughter so much and somehow my heart does not actually explode!

  2. It’s so true what you are saying. You stick it through to take care of this little human being even if you are physically sick and tired (emotionally and physically). I know now I can push through even if I for instance have the flu. I have to push through. Somebody who does not know what having a flu means, is depending on me 🙂 Thank you for sharing and identifying with me. And yes, motherhood is amazing.

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