A Couple of Reasons Why I love Being a GirlMom

A Couple of Reasons Why I love Being a GirlMom

My colleague asked me once what is my way to spoil myself, do I have a guilty pleasure?

I admit, sometimes I do like going to McDonald’s and having their hottest chicken burger (don’t judge) and fries. Me doing that alone, without having to think about what I will get my husband or three-year-old toddler.

However, nothing gives me greater joy than the thought of “this is so going to make my daughter happy”.

Seriously, when my colleague asked me that question, I couldn’t answer it, because I love anything that makes my little girl happy.

A few weeks ago, I found out that Barbie is turning 60 and that we are invited to a Barbie party – I was so excited, just because I know my girl will be excited (I have not told her about it yet).

I love the thought of going to buy her a princess dress and these days I’m thinking about getting her a doll house. The doll house will have to be second hand or bought at a charity shop, because I’m trying to be debt-free and I can’t see myself spending money on an expensive toy.

Here’s reasons why I love being a girl mom:
1. I love the Frozen movie.
2. She has me appreciating dresses and everything sparkly.
3. I feel so good after I’ve plaited my little girl’s hair – it’s like I’ve accomplished something.
4. I love that she’s so decisive, especially about what it is she wants to wear.
5. She’s good for my ego – she’ll come up to me and tell me “your dress is so beautiful” or “I love your hair”.
6. She reminds me to have empathy.
7. She tells me “I have a surprise for you” and if I reply, she asks me to say “Is it a unicorn?”
8. Lastly, because wearing a crown is the in-thing.

I’m sure whatever else I love about my little girl can be said about boys too. Anyway, did I mention I love Frozen?

Are you a girl mom or boy mom? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Omg im a mom to two girls and a boy. I dont know how you do it, but I just cannot manage to listen to Elsa and Anna singing let it go, ONE MORE TIME. 😂😂
    But I do love being a mom to my girls. 💖 although boys are so much more easier 😂😂
    I totally feel you on the plaited hair thing.. high 5 my sister🙌
    Also, this little one’s good for my ego too.. she has these random moments to come up to and say, “oh you so pretty”
    Have a super day 💖🌼

  2. Oh Simone, thank you for sharing your experience. High 5 for taking care of three little ones.

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