3 Podcasts About Brand Partnerships And How To Start Pitching For Brands

3 Podcasts About Brand Partnerships And How To Start Pitching For Brands

One of the topics I Googled over the holidays was on how to pitch for brands as a blogger. I came across blog posts of mostly overseas bloggers who spoke about how to introduce yourself as an influencer to a brand and how to pitch for a brand.

The fun part was listening to some insights via podcasts on Soundcloud.

Here are podcasts that discuss brand partnerships:

Fellow blogger and public relations consultant Anne Dolinschek talks about her experience in the industry on the Cliff Central radio show.

In this podcast you’ll hear how you can email and introduce yourself to Public Relations people.

Another thing she brings up is what traits make a blogger or influencer valuable.

Listen to it here.

Sakita Holley of Hashtags and Stilettos has a podcast show about securing brand partnerships. She is both a publicist and a creative entrepreneur.

This particular podcast is called “5 Things you should know about brand partnerships”.

I love how she starts off by saying you do not need to be a blogger or an influencer to work with brands. “No matter what your occupation or passions are, you can leverage them and turn them into a potential brand partnership.”

She then gives tips on how to do this.

Listen to it here.

The Mattie James Show is one of my favourite podcast shows. Mattie tells it like it is and shares about her experience as an influencer.

In the podcast “5 Things You Must Have To Monetise Your Blog” she gives examples of things you need to do to be taken seriously if you want work as an influencer.

For instance, she says you need to have insanely valuable (useful) free content.

She also tells us what builds credibility and trust.

Listen to the podcast here.

Here are useful blog posts on how to pitch to a brand or to just introduce yourself as a blogger or influencer:

I hope you find this interesting and useful.

Have you worked with brands before? Do you have any tips around this subject? Please share in the comments below.


  1. Great informative post. It’s good to know that even if your numbers are low there is still a way to approach brands and get their ‘but in’.

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