May Favourites PLUS an AirPop Review

May Favourites PLUS an AirPop Review

The following post is sponsored by AirPop.

Today I want to give you a little look into my life, which is why I’m sharing this month’s favourites.

I’m also including a review on AirPop Light SE face mask which I received as a gift and I’m doing a GIVEAWAY! Woop woop!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners Nqabakazi Kolo & Miska Jamal. A BIG Thank You to everyone who entered the competition.

In this blog post I share:

– AirPop Light SE mask review

– What I’ve been reading

– What I’ve been watching

– What I’m listening to

– What we’ve been snacking on

– The Giveaway

airpop mask review

The AirPop Light SE mask review

When I got the mask, I was surprised how light it looked and felt. Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional nor a health advisor, so my review is based on my experience. Husband and I regularly each wore the AirPop Light SE mask for the past two weeks.

I go to the office every second day and Husband works from home but does music lessons  a few times a week at another venue. Plus, he’s the one who mostly goes to the shops for groceries.

Husband (Leslie Javan) says “I like that it is comfortable from the start, I didn’t have to adjust it. The breathing is lekker, it’s an easy fit.”

For me, the AirPop Light SE mask feels so light yet covers my whole nose and face. I noticed the difference immediately when I put on a cloth mask, because that one was so tight. Also, I think the AirPop Light SE mask also makes it easier to talk.

airpop mask review

According to a press release, the Kids and Pocket masks have been awarded the prestigious BSI Kitemark, acknowledging AirPop has gone above and beyond to ensure its products provide appropriate level.

The masks have a unique 3D structure which creates a canopy of air, keeping them off the face for effortless breathability. Paired with low resistance materials, the range delivers unrestricted airflow for easy breathing, making them comfortable to wear all day.

AirPop Founder, Chris Hosmer, said, “For parents, protecting our children is always our number one priority. After my own children suffered the ill-effects of air pollution, respiratory health became hugely important to me.

“I created AirPop to protect people from the increasing threats posed by airborne pollution and to give people control over what they breathe.”

Thank You AirPop and team. The AirPop masks are sold on Takealot.

airpop mask review

What I’m reading

The authors of the below books are South African women. Both books are about money and how to better your finances, including how to buy your first property, car, how to invest or save money, and how to build a wealthy lifestyle.

I enjoyed the chapter about setting financial goals in Vilochanee’s book, and I loved Mapalo’s chapter on Black Tax and navigating money and relationships.

Book: Money Smart: How to be finance-savvy and live a wealthy lifeVilochanee Naidoo, who’s background includes an 21-year career in procurement with blue chip companies.

Book: You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-RichMapalo Makhu, a Personal Finance Educator and founder of Women and Finance blog.

Note: I’m giving away a book of each of the above – see giveaway below.

What I’ve been watching

I watch a lot of YouTube videos on personal development simply because it reminds me that I can do better and it’s how I learn informally. Besides the channels below, I also watch the OWN channel of Oprah Winfrey. For lifestyle content I watch talk shows like The Real and The Drew Barrymore Show on YouTube.

Here are some of the regular channels I binge on:

Channel: Anthony O’Neal – it’s about how people can become debt-free, mindset, and sometimes about relationships or the life of a single person

Watch: Do These 4 Things to Stand Out From Your Competition

Channel: Kopano Shimange – it’s a lifestyle vlog on everything womenhood including how to navigate relationships and making money.

Watch: Top 2 Secrets How I Got to 100,000 Subscribers in 10 Months

Channel: Sunny Lenarduzzi – it’s about entrepreneurship

Watch: How to create an online course THAT SELLS (from a 7 figure course creator)

What I’m listening to

Hello Seven podcast.

Hello Seven has episodes on business, marketing, financial, etc. I love this podcast because it inspires women to become millionaires including cultivating a millionaire mindset and teaching how to activate millionaire habits.

Professional Troublemaker by Luvvie Ajayi-Jones podcast.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones brings you thought-provoking conversations with amazing people who are courageous and making bold moves to make the world a better place to live in. Their stories are so interesting.

What we’ve been snacking on

Confession: I love chips, but a few years ago I decided to work investing in healthy snacks. Besides fruit and cucumber, I’ll have biltong, rice cakes, and dried mangoes.


Together with AirPop, I’m giving away two prizes consisting of an AirPop Light SE mask, AirPop Pocket pack of two and 1 pack of kids mask (a pack of two).

With each prize I give away a book – You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich – Mapalo Makhu, and Money Smart: How to be finance-savvy and live a wealthy life – Vilochanee Naidoo.

To win, comment on this post and let me know of one thing you’ve been reading or watching or have been listening to. Sharing is caring.

Have a good week!


  1. Hi Melissa, I have been watching Myles Munroe’s videos about management, finances and passions.
    He was absolutely passionate about working on your gift. It reminded me how the Lord showed me about my gift.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have watched a few of Myles Munroe’s videos last year, it’s really insightful and inspiring. I will go watch again.

  3. Hi Melissa. I’ve been watching alot of Simon Sinek’s videos on success and workplace advice for millenials. Really interesting to note that no matter what books or videos or podcasts I listen to, the basic principles always seem to stay the same, whether working for an employer or being the employer/entrepreneur, regardless of the generation. People just want to be valued and trusted. Also loving Jordan B Peterson’s 12 rules for life.

  4. Hi Mellisa

    I’ve been watching a lot of series Grey anotomy, station 19,ncis, the equalizer and you tune channels on carrer development and being online. I’ve been reading a book Itu kubekha and stepping out naked by Rethabile lenkoe. Listening to Christy B Wright podcast and Elevation podcast. I usually podcast because I cn do other things while watching. I read Mapalos book and really enjoyed it

  5. I’m so happy you read Mapalo’s book, it’s a good one. I will check out your podcasts. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy but I would like to. I watch comedy series on Netflix – right now it’s Superstore, and Hubby and I watch movies (Rom Coms) these days.

  6. I will check out Jordan B Peterson, thanks for sharing. Simon Sinek is the best, I’ve seen some of his interviews online and his Ted Talk.

  7. I have been watching alot of Abraham Hicks videos on youtube. I have been reading a few books on network marketing “Beach Money”, Think and Grow Rich and The greatest Networker in the world

  8. Thank you for sharing these book Prishantha. I think I need to look into it because I’ve been thinking about additional ways of making money.

  9. Hey Melissa, I have been reading up on some personal development since the beginning of this year, my dream is to transform into a better version of myself😊😊so I have been reading the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey( have completed the total money make over by Dave Ramsey) then I have been listening to the Rob Dial podcast every morning to make sure I stay motivated to my goals

  10. Wow thanks for sharing Nqabakazi. That Dave Ramsey Money Make Over must have been good, I watch Dave Ramsey on YouTube.

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