I’m Blogging Again

I’m Blogging Again

I’ve had numerous blog post ideas over the past few months, but I’ve just didn’t feel like doing anything about it.

A little background: I’m a Content Manager for an advertising agency and because I’m always brainstorming new ideas and I’m writing up a storm, I often feel like a pen that’s inked-out (if that’s a word).

Basically, I feel drained when it comes to blogging my own thing.

Why I blog

I realise why I blog and continuously come back to it: I need to do this for my own sanity, it’s my creative outlet.

I enjoy sharing about my debt-free journey and I enjoy reading about my reflections later on. I’m a forgetful person, so it’s nice to look back on the things I forgot about.


“Can I get paid for blogging?”

One of the common questions I get from people is ‘how to start a blog’ and it normally follows with the question ‘can I get paid for blogging?’

The thing is, I never started blogging to make money out of it. I started blogging because of motherhood, I needed something for me. Eventually my blog topics changed and I could even use my blog as a portfolio as a Writer.

I never really intentionally went out to make money from it, although I have made money from blogging. It was more a case of people liking what they see from me online and then offering me an opportunity.

More reasons why I blog

I do blogging because I want to share my life lessons for my children on here. Like I said, I’m forgetful, so my blog has eveidence of how far I’ve come, it shares my experiences and lessons learned.

I also do this as an act of service – I share my knowledge so that others can learn from my mistakes. And you know what? I learn from others too because I’ve met people online who share their stories and hacks with me.

This blog is also a creative outlet for me. Recently, I watched a YouTube video of Kopano Shimange “Protect your joy & protect your peace too“. She spoke about doing things that will bring you joy.

I am thinking about how I can monetise my blog especially since I have to pay for things like my domain hosting every month.

Are you blogging? If yes, please share why you do it. Thanks for reading!

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