I Went on Holiday Without My Husband and Child – Here’s What Happened

I Went on Holiday Without My Husband and Child – Here’s What Happened

About a month ago I heard that an aunt of mine died. I didn’t really know her but I felt really sad about it. It triggered the fact that one of my best friends died last year in February and in June a cousin of mine died. I attended my friend’s funeral in Graaff-Reinet, but I couldn’t attend my cousin’s funeral – I was unemployed at the time. [I was retrenched in March last year.]

After hearing about my aunt’s death (a few days before Ramadaan started), I told myself that I don’t only want to go visit families because of a funeral – I want to make more effort to see my families. I say “families” because I have family in three provinces: Eastern Cape, the Western Cape and the Northern Cape.


I made a decision to visit my family in Port Elizabeth, I bought a flight ticket for myself. It (the momcation) was one of the toughest decisions I’ve made in my life.

Here’s why I made the decision to go:
1. I decided to travel without the husband and our toddler because it would cost too much for us to travel together and also, we would then have to save money and it would take us forever to finally travel somewhere.
2. I missed being around family.
3. In Port Elizabeth travelling is much easier than in the Western Cape and I’d have much less family members to visit.
4. I realised that I haven’t travelled on my own since before I got married and IT SCARED ME A LOT. I mean, what have I become that travelling had scared me?
5. I spoke to my husband about it and financially the plane ticket wasn’t a big loss.
So, even though I bought the ticket, later I found an opportunity to go on a work trip to Cape Town. I was only in Cape Town for one and a half day (so I couldn’t really see family there). Then I flew to Port Elizabeth and spend the weekend there.


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I also got the chance to attend the EC Meetup and it was amazing to meet several Eastern Cape bloggers, who I normally chat with online. Blogging really broadens your network.


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A couple of lessons learned from #ECMeetup – it took place on Saturday in Port Elizabeth at @peboma:⠀ 1. Don’t try to mold yourself into what you think brands want, be you and stay authentic – they’ll come to you for you.⠀ 2. Consistency is key.⠀ 3. Never stop learning and don’t be scared to Google everything.⠀ 4. Always remember why you started.⠀ 5. Remember, you’re allowed to change your mind (or mission), you’re allowed to rebrand – do you booboo as @krulkop_society says.⠀ Thank you @luchae & @justellabella for the opportunity to learn.⠀ What lessons have you learned recently as a blogger? ⠀ @ecmeetup #southafricanbloggers⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #samommyblogger #bloggingwithpurpose #southafricanmom #portelizabethvibes #meetsouthafrica #curlswithlove #southafricannaturalista #curls #curlymom #writersofinstagram #blogginglessons #lessonsonblogging

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What have I learned through all of us?
Do it scared. And yes, life is short, so sometimes we have to take a chance (and have that momcation).

I also missed having my husband and toddler and felt like I don’t want to go on holiday without them anytime soon. Even though I was worried that myself and my child would go sick because we didn’t see each other for several days, we were fine, we spoke every night via Whatsapp video call or a phone call.

What have you done recently that scared you a little?


  1. Wow I am so glad you went to the meetup! I have travelled without my husband but not my child before, it’s ok if you keep in contact.

  2. Yes technology makes life better in that way. Thank you for reading – I appreciate your support.

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