Thoughts crossing my mind as I do my job hunting

Thoughts crossing my mind as I do my job hunting

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about where I want to be in life. Frankly I’m not sure.

Background: I’m looking for a new job opportunity – also I’m going through retrenchments at my workplace.

I do know that I enjoy creating things with words. I enjoy content marketing, writing stories, coming up with the ideas of the stories, sometimes doing interviews and sharing stories on social media.

The thing is, I’ve asked myself: am I going to wait for permission to create something? The answer is “why wait”.

The question on creating my own thing comes from the fact that I’ve been unsuccessful in job interviews.
Why wait for someone till you can do what you’re happy doing?

That’s why I’m happy that I’m volunteering for a non-profit organisation, doing what I enjoy doing. It also feels good when you can contribute to something good. My way of contributing is using my skills to help this organisation.

Through volunteering, I’m again being reminded how important teamwork is. Like the African proverb says “Go alone if you want to go fast, but go together if you want to go far.”

Also, with my job hunting it’s so nice that when I’ve told several people about my situation, they’re keen to help me in this process. Yep, it takes a village to rule the world.

Anyway, watch this video where this lady speaks on how she created her own opportunities. My favourite quote of hers is: “Trust your struggle. Have faith that it will work out for the good.” Check it out:

Thank you for reading! What was on your mind while you were job hunting?


  1. Good on you for not just sitting around and waiting on things to happen. Perhaps it’s time for you to kick-start the freelance work and offer your skills at a fee, if you haven’t done this already (just a thought). Also proud of you for helping an NPO.

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