A dedication to my daughter

A dedication to my daughter

Today I’m a mom of a two year old πŸ™‚

Yup, it’s Princess’ birthday on 21 December and I’m at work today. Kwaa kwaa kwaa.

Seriously I didn’t even think about taking off until this morning. I should’ve.


We went to visit her grandparents several days ago, so my annual leave days at work are done. I even took unpaid leave to do that visit.

melissa javan daughter dedication

Anyway, this post is a dedication to my daughter.

Firstly, let me give you a glimpse of who she is:

She talks a lot (in baby language). She’s an active toddler, loves climbing, loves throwing her plate or cup aside after she’s done using in (and yes sometimes there’s food in it and it messes on the floor) – she just tosses it aside as if to say “NEXT!”

Her favourite things include watching the cartoon Peppa Pig, making pig sounds (like Peppa Pig does) whenever she wants to watch the show, jumping on the bed, playing guitar or harmonica and singing.

Her favourite word is “spider” and she’s also imitating words heard in Peppa Pig, like “dinosaur” and “oh dear”.

Princess doesn’t like it when I refer to her as “naughty” then she gets upset. She know what the word means. She also uses my favourite word “oops” but says “whoots”.

Her face lits up when she sees me coming home from work or if I fetch her from creche. She’s also smiling when we take her to her school.

Did I mention that she loves climbing?

Princess does so many things that scares me. I feel she’s too small to climb the stairs, for example, but clearly that’s not for me to decide. She’s so determined to do her thing. I hope I fearlessness lasts forever. She’s my big reason to why I get out of my comfort zone to do things. I tell myself: if this kid ever comes to me to tell me she’s scared to take a leap, like going for an interview or whatever she’ll do to try to make her dreams come true, I’ll be able to guide her – as she guides me now. Just remember your why, have a big goal and work towards it. Your goal is your why. Just work towards it, little by little, just do. That will be my answer. It’s my reminder now. #writerslife #Writers #writersofinstagram #writersofig #toddlermom #toddler #instakids #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motivation #MondayMotivation

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And she loves yogurt. You can’t tell her you’ll give her yogurt and then there’s no yogurt so you try to give her something like a banana or chips instead. She won’t take it, because she was told she’ll get yogurt!

Ice lollies saved our lives during the roadtrip from the Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape to Johannesburg. I think ice lollies are the second best thing to yogurt.

This child is also my reason for confidence, my reason to do things out of my comfort zone and my reason to learn new things.

I want to tell her some day that she can do anything she wants to achieve. You can reach your goals by doing, no matter how small you start, just do even if you have fears, just do. I will tell her this.

my daughter melissajavan

Also having a goal in mind, helps. Right now my goal for everything is: some day my daughter might go through these type of feelings I’m experiencing and I will have to guide her through how I did it.

So thank you little one, my Princess for being you and for being my reason to push myself.

Thank you. I love you.


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