Potty training is not for sissies

Potty training is not for sissies

Okay, the headline I wrote like that because I felt like a sissy (a coward) when we started this potty training business with my two-year-old daughter.
I was never ready.

Right now, she’s doing it on her own; she’s doing her business on the potty on her own. I’m still clinging to the disposal nappy for convenience sake. Like if we go to church or to friends, she’ll wear a nappy.

Earlier today she wore a panty and I send her nappies in a bag with her when she went on a play date. I then heard she told her dad that he must put on her nappy because she had wanted to do her business. (My one cousin in Graaff Reinet would probably scold me about this nappy clinginess if she reads this.)

So Princess started giving signs from 18 months old – she pulled off her nappy a lot then. I was horrified. But I thought, okay I have to force myself to do this potty training. Eventually, I spoke to the crèche (nursery school) teachers of my kid’s about this and they said they prefer to start the training from the age of two years. I was relieved.

They started potty training Princess from December last year and I joined the team from March this year.

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I noticed whenever we are not home or school, she would “forget” to do the peepee in the potty, even if I reminded her a lot about it. That’s why I kept putting the nappy on if we go out somewhere that’s not her school.

We also put on a nappy for her at night for bedtime – because we are co-sleeping I don’t want to deal with a wet bed. So basically we use one or two nappies a day – only at bedtime (if we are not going out to visit friends).

Lastly, an amazing thing happened the past month: Princess no longer does her number two (the poo) in her nappy. She goes to the potty for this! Every single time!

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This all makes me realise how despite the fact that I wasn’t ready for the next phase, it happened regardless. Plus I fretted too much.

And yes we’ve had accidents in the past two months at home where she peed in her panty but very little of this.

For moms who are going to potty train soon, I have the following advice: Don’t be too hard on yourself or your child. It will happen, no matter how slow the process will take.

It’s temporary – this too shall pass. Enjoy the journey.

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What process in motherhood have you dreaded lately?


  1. We struggled with potty training both of our kids. They were very stubborn and I stressed a lot and got incredibly frustrated. Another mom told me that going potty is one of the few things they are full control over. For encouragement to moms out there, while it was a difficult time and seemed like it would never it, it does. And looking back a few years later, I barely remember those times. Like you say, don’t worry, it will happen.

  2. Wow that’s awesome she is doing number 2 in the potty! I struggled for 5 months with this with Nicky. You’re doing great.

  3. Ahhhh this is coming for me I am so dreading. Lovely post! Glad you have the big steps out of the way – all free sailing from here.

  4. We are juuust about to enter this phase (whether I want to or not lol). I know some people can’t wait to be done with diapers but they don’t bother me, they’re just so convenient! My daughter is 2 and started asking to use the potty. Only thing is she has not once yet peed while on it. I know it will come so I just keep taking her to it when she asks and one day it will happen.

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