It takes a village to help you grow

I have a hobby – it’s blogging.

Blogging is when you write and share ideas publicly in a form of a blog post (this article is a blog post) on a blog. A blog is an online public diary. Mels Postbox is my blog which I started in July.

As a relatively new mother, I can’t do my hobby alone. I need support.
Support means that I can get time off for me to work on my hobby.

I appreciate my mother more now that I am a mommy. My mother used to do so many things for her husband and children but it went unnoticed.

I even think about how my mother must have washed our clothes with her bare hands, because I do it now.

On Sundays before we go to church, she’d wake up very early to cook a meal for us. We would then just warm the already prepared food after we return from church.
My mother used to rather buy her children or husband stuff like clothes than for herself.
I remember one of my mother’s sisters used to pamper my mom with things.

Now that I’m a mom, my mother preaches that I must look after myself – not only the husband and children.

Last month I attended my first bloggers meet up. To tell you the truth, I struggled for about a month on whether I should go to that event or not.

Firstly, I didn’t want to spend money on a ticket for me. I could rather buy a million things for husband or my children, was one of my thoughts.

Eventually I convinced myself that I need to invest in me, and that I need me time with other people.
I was happy I went to that bloggers meet up.

I met a few bloggers who I now regularly chat with on Facebook.

My relationship with them reminds me of when I studied for my degree in journalism.

It was part time – my classes were on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the week I worked at a newspaper.

A friend on the university allowed me to squad (sleep over) in her room on the days I had classes. That helped me a lot, because I struggled to get a lift home those nights. During the day I would travel by train.

I remember when I was working on my thesis, I had a small group from my class who I could chat to about my ideas and thoughts.

I enjoyed it so much to have that support. Working full time and studying part time was tough.
One of the people in my group was a working mother.

The blogging friends I have now reminds me of those days on and off university (because sometimes we would study or do research off campus).

Support is important when you are doing something extra like being a student or having a hobby. I say this because mothers especially need support or a community.

Blogger Yaro Starak, author of “Blog Profits Blueprint”, says he was an introvert and preferred working alone. He did however see that businesses of bloggers become successful because these people had a community.

They had help and support, from for example Facebook groups.

In my chats with my small group of blogger friends, I realise I have a lot to learn.
It’s also great that I can share things with my community.

Yes, the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child” but I believe it also takes a village to help you grow as a person.

I don’t think I could make a success witg my hobby or any new venture without help of my husband, family and friends.

I don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t have that friend who was kind enough to let me eat and sleep over in her university room.

Thank you for reading! Let me know how you take on a new venture.

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