“I hated my job because I forgot my goal.”

What is the number one reason someone hates her job?

I feel the reason for hating your job is that you do not have a goal in mind. Hear me out…

A year after I got my diploma in journalism, I worked at a call centre and I hated it. One, my goal was to be a journalist, to go out and write stories. Two, I was sad that I wasn’t living my dream – being a journalist.

I didn’t really look for a job in the media industry, because while I was studying journalism, everybody in the industry (even my then lecturers) told me that I had to get my driver’s licence if I wanted a job as a journalist.

The reason for hating your job is that you do not have a goal in mind.

Imagine this: The news editor says someone has to immediately go report on an important event. Your job as a journalist is to grab your tools (car keys, notebook, pens, camera) and rush off to the story. If you don’t have a driver’s licence and there’s no driver or photographer around that you can go along with, you’re stuck at the office.

So, during that year of working in the call centre, my goal was to pass a driver’s test and get my licence. It was not easy.

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I started freelance writing for a community newspaper on the Cape Flats as a side hustle. I would sometimes work during my lunch break, even go interview people. At night I would work on writing my story. I loved it.

The problem was that I started hating my call centre job. I became sad about the situation.

Anyway, at the end of that year (in 2010) I got my driver’s licence and I also got a full time job at the community newspaper that I did freelance work for. Obviously I was over the moon when this happened.

Recently, I was reminded during a master class with Lexi D’Angelo that goals are important. Yes, currently I am not happy with my financial situation. I am trying to find a side hustle so that I can make more money.

Why? Well, end of January came and I got my salary but realised I don’t even have money for groceries. So I have to change my situation.

I love my job as a journalist, but I don’t like that I’m not making enough money to sustain my family.

I realise now that my mind-set was not right when I was working at the call centre. I was sad about not living my dream, just like I am sad at the moment that I cannot buy the things I want.

While working at the call centre, for a short while I forgot the goal I had in mind. This is what made me sad.

However, when I have my goal in mind and I am working towards it, I remind myself that the situation I don’t like being in is only temporary.

When I have my goal in mind and I am working towards it, I remind myself that the situation I…

Lexi D’Angelo was one of the speakers for the online “Go for It” Summit, which was hosted by Hollie Tkac. This is one of the things D’Angelo said that stuck with me: “Your vision, your mission and your why is your driving force that’s going to keep you when things are not going hot.”

She asked: “What is you mission, and how are you going to carry out actions so that you can make your vision a reality? What is your WHY? Why are you doing this in the first place?”

Your vision and your why is your driving force that's going to keep you when things are not going…

I became a journalist, because I want to be an author of books someday. That’s why I am enjoying my job, because I get to write and share people’s stories.

Though I am not in a good financial situation, I realise that I cannot hate my job. Yes I was sad, but no longer. I am in this situation temporary.

I have a lot to be grateful for and I have a lot to give. Right now I am keeping my goal in mind and finding ways of how I can achieve it.

What do you think? What challenges have you overcome in the past and how did you do it?