A Week in The Life of A Musician’s Wife

A Week in The Life of A Musician’s Wife

“Does he serenade you every night?”
People have asked me this several times since I married a musician. I never know how to answer this, hahaha! Seriously, every night?
Nope, he doesn’t.

Just like I’m a writer and I don’t write sweet letters or poetry for him every day.

He does compose music almost daily so I’m usually the first one to hear his creations. Then he would ask: So what do you think?

Here’s some insight into a week (rather than a day) in a life of a musician’s wife.

On Saturday, Husband had a show at a Facebook friend’s house. Beautiful people – I loved the fact that the eldest who is five years old played and took care of Princess (22 months old) for a few minutes while we were busy watching the show.

musicians wife show gig

Well, I listened to the show in the background while keeping Princess busy outside. I try to keep her away from Husband while he is on stage because she enjoys joining him, by strumming his guitar or taking his harmonica and playing it herself.
This is cute, but with toddlers, you never know what might happen next. She might end up wanting more attention from Daddy or throwing a tantrum. So for me, it’s best to keep her busy, away from the stage.

I like being there at his shows even if I’m not fully there – having to be a helicopter parent most of the time.

Before and after the show I met a few fans/ followers of Husband. It’s really cool meeting different people, getting a little glimpse of their lives and how they do things.

You also realise that no matter how different you are from others, whether lifestyle or culture, we share similarities. Like one mother told me that she went on a hike in Spain. This hike went on for days. She was on her own. For me, going to a bloggers meetup once every few months is a big deal, because it’s something I do for me.

As mothers, young and old, we spoke about how as a mother you hardly take care of yourself. Your children and husband’s needs are first, most of the time. I resonated with this concept when this hiking mom said it.

One of the reasons I continued with this blog is because I want to invest in me, and have something where I can have me-time.

Anyway, that was Saturday. The show started about 7pm and we drove home around 00:00. The next day we didn’t go to church, we rested. Monday is back to work for me.

Road trip network
Myself and Husband with Princess in his arms during a visit in Franschoek.

Okay so from Monday to Friday last week, in the mornings around 8am, Princess gets dropped off at daycare and I head off to work.
Husband works from home and has his own studio set up at home. He has meetings often during the week at a coffee shop or home, and he has a few guitar students he teaches. Sometimes he gives guitar lessons at night or has meetings in the evening.

musicians wife dinner
Sometimes Husband surprises me and makes dinner. I love his cooking!

After 5pm myself and Princess arrive home, I cook food which takes forever and we have dinner. Family time till around 9pm and we’re in bed around 10pm.

Husband often goes to bed with us but he wakes up shortly because his best time to record music is at midnight when it is quiet. He always asks me if he was too loud the night before, but I’m like “no, I sleep like a rock. Don’t worry, just play your music.”

Normally when he’s finished with a music piece or song in the morning before we wake up for school and work, I get to hear it the afternoon when we get back from work and school.

Once a week, a friend invites us for dinner, which is the best thing in my life – a night off from cooking, Yay! On Thursday night, we had a school meeting, where we discussed the upcoming concert. Shortly thereafter, Husband had a friend invite us for dinner. God listens to my situations, I didn’t even pray yet and I got a solution to dinner plans.

musicians wife Princess
It’s not only adults who like to work – here Princess tries her hand at it.

For the past several months, I’ve either Skyped with a life coach friend for an hour on a Tuesday and/or participated in a Twitter chat. During this time Husband keeps Princess busy.

Thursday or Friday nights are when I try to watch a movie. Husband and I don’t agree on movies much because he listens to the music of a movie. So if the music is bad according to him, then there’s no point in watching the movie. I don’t really care about the bad music – I just love feel-good movies or RomComs as people call it.

I was surprised when Husband recently enjoyed “The Proposal” movie – I’m so used to him criticising my movies, hahaha.

Okay, Friday night or Saturday morning I do my washing. On Saturday morning it gets hanged up to dry. If we don’t have a show on a Saturday, we go to church on Sunday.

During the week, especially if Husband has a show on the weekend, he practices his music normally in the bedroom or outside, while I hang out in the kitchen (often on the internet too). While he practices with his instruments, Princess is “helping” him or playing with her toys.

That’s about it from me. How does your week normally look like? And what parts of it is a routine?

Thank you for reading!


  1. The support you have for your husband shines through this post and I like the way you take care of your Princess too. I don’t think I could handle the midnight practices though – good thing you sleep well!

  2. What a cool glimpse into your rock star life 🙂 yip you are very correct somehow we can all relate to how mom’s put everyone first.
    Random question – have you ever written a song?

  3. Thank you Heather and Chanene. I’ve been asked if I can sing too. Lol. I don’t have the voice to sing in public and nope, I’ve never wrote a song. I did once help him come up with lyrics once.

  4. I’m the musician in the family and our life is a crazy one! Our schedule is so different from everyone else. It’s awesome that you are so supportive.

  5. Thank you Nondie, Kristi and Kristin. I guess one has to either support or fight about the non-support. I believe in his dreams, because I have my own 🙂

  6. It’s so great to read that someone else had a similar set up. We definitely need to meet one day and compare notes 😆 those midnight wake ups, we have the 3:30am wake up. He calls it his most “creative time”. Like you-I’m passed out like a rock on the other side of the house. Lol. Maybe we were made to be married to them 😊💜 love the post Mel

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