My Bucket List: The 3 Things I Already Have Ticked Off

My Bucket List: The 3 Things I Already Have Ticked Off

Ever felt like time stood still?

I remember my colleagues and I joking one day about how it felt like two hours later the clock said that only 5 minutes passed.

On Thursday 10 November 2016 I had the opportunity to be host for the first time of a Twitter chat. IT WAS AWESOME!

It really felt like time stood still as I was busy chatting to the followers of SA Biz Chat.


In between scolding my husband for doing things like leaving the house to go to the shop five minutes after the #SABizChat started, I had the opportunity to engage with some bloggers and small business owners of this tribe.

Yes, Husband even had the audacity to ask me where is Princess’ bum cream as he was about to change her nappy. I had asked him for an hour off, because of this chat. Tsk, tsk, tsk đŸ™‚


Anyways, the topic of the evening was “How to write like a journalist”.

I thought it would be cool to volunteer to be a host and suggest this topic. I am a journalist by profession.

Successful entrepreneurs and bloggers have a few things in common with journalists. I keep hearing “be consistent” when I hear entrepreneurs or bloggers give the key to success. This is what we share if we want to succeed at something.

Another thing is being persistent. Doing research and planning are the other things we have in common. So yes, we can learn from each other, even if we use what we learn in different ways.


Here are things we discussed during my topic:

  1. Who is your target market (reader)?
  2. Who or what are your sources?
  3. What and how do you pitch?
  4. Taking action: research, plan and do interviews or go out on your story
  5. What do you write & checking the facts


I have been thinking about how I should probably put up things like this on a Bucket List. Instead of drawing up a bucket list beforehand of things I would like to do, I am just going to make up my list as I go along and achieve small things.

The one thing I do not have ticked off yet is “Do a Live Stream Facebook Chat”.

I have realised that I have learned A LOT in my career, so I would like to share what I know. This is one of the reasons for the Twitter chat. Another thing I can tick off is giving a presentation about “writing as a journalist” to a small group of people. I did this at our blogger meet up on Saturday.

Why don’t I just do a proper bucket list like normal people do, you might ask. Well, I am a scaredy cat – not an adventurous person. So you won’t ever hear me saying that I will jump out of an airplane to do skydiving or jump off anything (bungy jump = no ways).

So thank you to everyone who participated in the #SABizChat on Thursday 10 November. I had a great time. To hear what some of you are busy with, is amazing. Thank you for sharing.


SA Biz Chat is a network run by Sam Posselt, Tiaan Geel, Chantal Bezuidenhout and Natasha Nathoo. The chat is hosted on Thursday evenings for an hour during 19:00 and 20:00. Every week a topic is discussed. Previous topics include HR 101.

Do you have a bucket list, and what is on it? Also, what would you consider a small achievement you accomplished this year?

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